Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering (Phase I) Project

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Article source: Shenzhen RONGHENG Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The project is the construction of the Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department of the new closed-circuit television, license plate recognition front-end monitoring points and traffic lights at the junction of traffic renovation project construction design, equipment procurement and installation (including debugging), civil construction and so on. Including but not limited to the new HD closed-circuit television monitoring points 139 sets (including 7 sets of matrix); new license plate recognition monitoring 96 cross-section, traffic incident monitoring system, traffic flow data access and processing; comprehensive transformation of 13 junctions; Construction measures taken by the project. The project cost is RMB 2402.9916 million.

       The construction contract was signed in November 2015 for a period of 180 calendar days.


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