On - line Simulation of Urban Traffic Network Based on "Cloud" Group System    

Shenzhen city traffic simulation system its main contents include:
① online simulation decision support platform, traffic information service system construction
② government-oriented traffic network online simulation decision support application model
③ Shenzhen urban transport hub construction and supporting pilot application practice
(4) Application practice of urban rail transit in Shenzhen
⑤ Shenzhen new traffic simulation and signal control collaborative implementation of the pilot application practice
⑥ for the public cloud cluster system to support traffic information service application practice

In order to construct the urban road traffic information service system in the era of Internet of Things, the traffic information service system of Shenzhen is facing the synergistic and intensive development, breaking the boundary of the department and establishing the integrated service mode of traffic information covering the whole city of Shenzhen. Traffic congestion normal, the bus priority travel objectives, to promote the integration of integrated transport system, to achieve from the "transport facilities" to "transport services" change has important practical significance. 

City traffic travel crowd, traffic congestion and traffic pollution integration monitoring platform system   

Urban traffic travel crowd, traffic congestion, traffic pollution integration monitoring platform system in the technology has a leading international first, in the use of intelligent transportation technology to improve the means of urban management is important in the wisdom of Shenzhen priority pilot demonstration of intelligent traffic applications It is feasible to carry out the comprehensive investigation of urban traffic system in the development of intelligent transportation industry in Shenzhen, especially in the construction of Shenzhen, which has been realized in the single system construction of traffic travel, traffic congestion and traffic pollution. And integrated simulation evaluation has a very prominent position and core role. Make full use of mobile phone data, floating car data FCD, traffic pollution data integration of urban integrated traffic monitoring platform system has a good economic and social benefits.    


      The 3D simulation of traffic in Shenzhen can be based on the interaction between human and vehicle, and the actual operation of traffic flow on the road can be reproduced based on the three-dimensional scene. Network computer simulation platform to quickly respond to a variety of traffic control strategy implementation process. Microcosmic simulation of the various data can be used to analyze the traffic status, prejudgment, traffic management, traffic organization and other programs to assess and optimize.


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