Postdoctoral innovation practice base


In May 2016, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held a charity ceremony for the post-doctoral innovation practice base of Rongheng Group.
Group of post-doctoral innovation and practice base construction goals: to build national-level urban transport engineering original research base, the state-level traffic information and traffic engineering field of high-level personnel training base to traffic control and simulation simulation engineering center as the basis, World-class traffic information and traffic engineering information center, open exchange center, academic practice platform.

Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base The main research topics are:

(1) Road traffic foundation network T-GIS

(2) Traffic facilities operation and maintenance network

(3) traffic signal control network

(4) road traffic speed network

(5) Road traffic guidance network

(6) road traffic violation network

(7) Traffic Meteorological Impact Network

Urban traffic management and control post-doctoral innovation practice base of the formal listing of the future development of new industries in Shenzhen, attract talent to play a good role, to achieve a good industrial upgrading of the Group.


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