Bao'an District traffic monitoring system and the expansion of the engine room for electricity renovation project

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Article source: Shenzhen RONGHENG Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The project for the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Baoan brigade contracted in 2013 Bao'an District, the safety of comprehensive management of traffic technology facilities hidden project.
The project has four sets of high-definition closed-circuit television monitoring system (10 sets of Xin'an street, 18 sets of Xixiang street, 4 sets of Fuyong street, 5 sets of manhole streets, 7 sets of Songgang street and 10 sets of Shiyan street) 17 junctions (4 Xin'an streets, 4 in Xixiang street, 3 from Fuyong street, 3 Shajing streets, 2 Songgang streets, 1 stone rock street) to build high-definition electronic police, lights, and the existing part Standard electronic police were replaced by high-definition electronic police, a total of 60 sets of high-definition electronic police (including 12 new sets, the original standard clear electronic police 48 sets), 12 sets of motorway lights, pedestrian lights 12 sets. Optical access project: including 44 closed-circuit TV front end, 14 junctions high-definition electronic police link to the nearest squadron, brigade supporting cable laying. Optical fiber ring network (OTN): Fuyong, Songgang, Shiyan traffic police squadron and other three nodes of the OTN network equipment, and three node network management software. Baoan traffic police brigade, Xixiang squadron, Fuyong squadron, manhole squadron, Songgang squadron, Shiyan squadron 6 room expansion for electricity transformation. Including all the facilities involved in the construction of the project, equipment, materials, construction, installation, commissioning, acceptance, warranty and so on.

The project is scheduled to start on November 1, 2015, the planned completion date of April 30, 2016.


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