Security integrated management system platform, based on the standard Internet protocol, can be structured in the broadband Internet and mobile Internet, the scattered, independent site monitoring points for networking, with a variety of monitoring equipment seamlessly connected to achieve cross-regional unified monitoring and management The platform can manage up to 30,000 video surveillance points, support DVR, DVS, IP camera and SDI equipment, support SD and HD applications, to meet the user's security system requirements.

real time monitoring

● multi-split screen preview; ● multi-channel video tour, a number of video wheel tour group tour; ● PTZ lens control; ● system broadcast and voice intercom (can record); ● manual real-time video.

Video playback

● support for channel, time and video type search; ● support equipment remote playback video; ● support video clips; ● support drag and drop, slow play, frame by frame playback, playback capture.

Alarm linkage

● Support for sensor alarm and motion detection alarm, etc. ● Provide alarm linkage video, linkage pop-up screen, linkage electronic map and so on.

Mobile phone monitoring

● support real-time monitoring, PTZ control, picture capture and local video, support iphone, ipad, android, wp, BlackBerry and other intelligent terminal operating system。 

User Management

● support hierarchical, sub-regional and multi-user management; ● provide user rights management.

Log management
● Supports the operation log, system log, and alarm log management. ● Supports querying log information according to time, log type, user, and so on. ● Supports log information export.。 

Decode the wall

● Multi-channel video signal decoding on the wall, round patrol display; ● support decoding program favorites, scheduled task function.

digital map

● Multi-level map management, to achieve the location and status of monitoring points to support the alarm linkage electronic map monitoring points; ● Can be directly on the map to view the monitoring point of the video image.


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