Shenzhen RongHeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., with its head office located in Shenzhen, China, is a high-tech enterprise qualified as national first-class construction contractor and specializes in intelligent transportation and city construction. The registered capital of the Group is 300 million RMB.

We have over 10 branches and subsidiaries across the country, including Shenzhen PengCheng Traffic Network Joint Stock Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Research Institute Co., Ltd. With dedication and perseverance, members of the RongHeng Group continue to develop new patented intelligent transportation series products. We have been facilitating the construction of modern urban road with intelligent transportation system in the vision of future evolution of China’s ITS. Hundreds of various honors and awards in both domestic and international fields of science and technology have proved the strong technical competence and the outstanding company performance of RongHeng.

While past achievements could only reflect the past, future successes will always be our new pursuit. For more than a decade, we have been following the core values of entrepreneurship: exploration, innovation, hard work, and dedication. Because RongHeng sticks to the principles of humanistic working condition and absolute integrity in business, we have been able to absorb countless talented individuals and to organize an incredible management team. With our professionalism to be proud of, we are committed to be the leading role in future city construction works.

We will continue to be invested in attracting new talents and staying at the forefront, contributing to the bright prospects of the intelligent transportation industry.


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