Luohu District CPPCC "Traffic Management Supervision Group" all the staff meeting and the first working meeting

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Luohu District CPPCC "Traffic Management Supervision Group" all the staff meeting and the first working meeting

Published: 2017-6-26 16:13:49
June 22 afternoon, Luohu District CPPCC "Traffic Management Supervision Group" in the Rongheng Group conference room held a meeting of all staff and the first working meeting. Attended the meeting of the District CPPCC Chen Guang, vice chairman of the Committee, Yang Xiaowei, director of the Social Affairs Bureau, the District Transportation Bureau Li Kaifeng Secretary, Luohu traffic police brigade was vice captain and traffic control supervision group of all members and related personnel.
The meeting was chaired by Yang Shaowei, the district government secretary. At the meeting, the leader of the "Traffic Management Supervision Group", Chen Yazhou, conveyed the relevant meetings and documents on the work of democratic supervision and mobilized the mobilization of the supervision work. Luohu traffic police brigade had deputy captain and district transportation bureau chief secretary Respectively, on the work of the situation and the traffic conditions of the Lo Wu were introduced; all members at the meeting and the participating units to actively interact, and the future work carried out a lot of positive comments and suggestions.

Finally, Chen Guang, vice chairman made a speech, he pointed out that the traffic supervision and supervision work is an important part of the work of the CPPCC democratic supervision, but also resolutely implement the central, provincial, municipal and district related to the spirit of an important work. He hoped that all members of the supervision team in the work with the relevant functional units in close cooperation with the supervision of the work carried out a reasonable division of labor, and actively put forward their views and suggestions to jointly contribute to the work of the management of Lu Lake.

Luohu traffic police brigade has been vice captain introduced Luohu District traffic situation

Luohu District Transportation Bureau Li Kaifeng Secretary introduced the traffic situation in Luohu District

Traffic control group supervisors and functional units to actively interact

Vice Chairman Chen Guang has high hopes for all members of the Traffic Management Supervision Group


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